The Russian Ambassador in Belgrade announced the need to place Russian military bases in Serbia

Russian military bases may appear in Serbia.

Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko said that Russia and Serbia would continue close cooperation in the military-technical sphere and stressed the need to deploy Russian military bases and facilities in Serbia. According to the Russian diplomat, the deployment of Russian military bases on the territory of Serbia is a sovereign matter of this European state, not to mention the fact that Russia is also interested in this.

According to Kharchenko, there is already a joint humanitarian center in Serbia and against the background of the fact that Serbia is a friendly country towards Russia, Russia will continue to develop close relations with Belgrade.

“As for the joint humanitarian center, it exists and operates for crisis response in the event of a humanitarian catastrophe. As for our assistance, first of all, it is the economy. Of course, we take into account economic aspects. Serbia is a friendly country and Belgrade fundamentally rejects anti-Russian sanctions, but there is also a political component in the agreement on gas supplies at the most favorable price.”, - quotes the words of the Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko, the publication "".

It is not known how realistic the creation of a Russian military base on the territory of Serbia is, however, it is obvious that the EU and NATO countries will actively prevent this.


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