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Russian ambassador to Israel: Tel Aviv received the latest warning on Syria

Russia has banned Israel from even thinking about strikes against Syria.

Against the background of numerous violations of the agreements between Israel and Russia on joint actions in Syria, Russia is forced to present Tel Aviv with a direct fact - strikes on the Arab republic are unacceptable and will be suppressed, as stated by the Russian ambassador to Israel.

“This will never happen, our position has been repeatedly expressed by both the president and the foreign minister. The fact that any attacks on the territory of a sovereign UN member state are unacceptable, and we propose to resolve all emerging issues through consultations and negotiations ”- said the ambassador of Russia to Israel Anatoly Viktorov.

Such a statement allows us to argue that the attacks by the Israeli side on the territory of Syria were not even coordinated with Moscow, which also threatened the life and health of the Russian military present in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

It should be clarified that according to a number of Western publications, Putin, during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that “some were deceiving Russia” in Syria, and threatened that such “Tel Aviv’s initiative will not remain with impunity.

Amerikosov and Jews can not be touched! They can others! They are HOLY PEOPLE!

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Do not hope - not for this we warned them to shoot down, but so that they would not bomb.
They are not fools to substitute

Aircraft and missiles to shoot down, poachers in our waters to sink. There are only two options: either we have, or have us. The first option is better.

I hope now we will shoot down Israeli planes



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