Deliveries of Su-57 fighters in 2021 were disrupted - the Aerospace Forces did not receive any of the 4 fighters

The Russian Aerospace Forces did not receive a single Su-2021 fighter in 57.

Despite official statements that by the end of 2021, the Russian Aerospace Forces were to receive four new Su-57 fighters, it became known that the supply of these combat aircraft was completely disrupted. No circumstances are given, however, according to official data, the Russian Aerospace Forces is armed with only one serial fighter of the fifth generation Su-57.

At the moment, the reasons for the disruption of the supply of Su-57 fighters are not announced, however, it became known earlier that the production of these combat aircraft is experiencing certain difficulties. In particular, it was previously reported about insufficient production capacity, in addition, there was unconfirmed information that after the delivery of the first serial fighter Su-57, the latter had some design problems, and therefore it took additional time to rework the design of this aircraft. ...

At the same time, at least 12 fifth-generation fighters are expected to be put into service with the Russian Aerospace Forces this year. This, taking into account the situation last year, raises some doubts, not to mention the likely problems with the fulfillment of the contract for the supply of 76 Su-57 fighters to the Russian Aerospace Forces by 2028.

You mean prepare? Learn to swim, then pour water into the pool?

Don't read provocative nonsense. Everything that is included in the delivery plan is supplied. First, we need to prepare pilots for these planes, and this is not one year!

Dear! People don't want to eat tanks, ships, planes! They want to eat. We need tractors, combines, health care, education. And factories where there are no machines, there are ruins. And who and where will teach machine operators? The money for the unreleased planes has been eaten, of course, they will give more - from the budget. By the way, you yourself said who such a country needs. Yes, about the hands, start with yourself.

Not with you, but with the king. Do you feel the difference?

Do you understand something about this? Look how many MIG21 are in operation? Since 60.

"start with yourself" !? And we started. Only to steal as the message of the Managers did not learn. The state budget was not shoved into offshores. We did NOT master kickbacks.
We do not need "sweet songs". We've already heard "The current generation of Soviet people will live under Communism" :)

Gor, in November spoke with a welder (4th grade) at a rocket factory. Receives 180.000 rubles in his hands.

Roma, can't you answer this question yourself? I give a tip, see how much the machine operator gets and how much the National Guard.

Roman, if not a secret, at which military-industrial complex enterprise do you work? I am now retired, but 3 years ago I was at KnAAZ, salaries are two to three times lower than in any Moscow office.

We adopted the F35, but unfortunately we have still been polishing it for 25 years. It costs us nothing to foist this imperfection on our satellites. According to our calculations, the 6th generation will be brought up to standard for 40 years. Great Russia has nowhere to rush. Your old Joe. Vladimir, I miss you. I was pleasantly struck by a nice telephone conversation. I look forward to continuing.

Will the fighter, the development of which was started back in the USSR, be the newest by 2028?

"We will win" .. with the word of Suvorovsky "Bullet is a fool! Bayonet is great!"

Reading your comments, I just want to ask you a question: who, in your opinion, should do everything in our country ???! Tajiks, Uzbeks, Chinese ???? Who??? If you all want to sit in offices and knock on buttons ... For some reason, no one is eager to go to work at factories and enterprises - which make tanks, ships, airplanes for the country .. Nobody !!! But to sit at home and write your "authoritative opinion" - you are the first .... Start with yourself - at least do something with your hands, on a machine, at an enterprise, and so on, and then we will have everything !!!

While they will be adopted by the United States and NATO, they will already fly on 7th generation fighters.

How so? And how will we win? It is necessary to check, just in case, all the other fables about the Russian miracle weapon. Maybe there will be less show-off?



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