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Author: Sergei Bobylev


Deliveries of SSJ-100 with PD-8 engines have been postponed to 2026

The postponement of the start of deliveries of import-substituted SSJ-100 aircraft with PD-8 engines to 2026 has become an officially confirmed fact, according to information provided by the press service of Rostec and the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). The delayed start of deliveries is due to the need to carry out additional work, including the development of new systems, recreating lost competencies from scratch and conducting extensive testing under limited time conditions.

UAC emphasized that the decision to postpone was made based on objective reasons related to the development and testing of new technologies, which is a key factor in ensuring the safety and reliability of future flights. The United Engine Corporation (UEC) also pointed out the need to refine the PD-8 engine to achieve all requirements for safety and operational efficiency.

It remains unknown whether the indicated dates are deadlines, or whether there will be further postponements.


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