Armata tank


The supply of T-14 "Armata" tanks to the troops was transferred again - already 7 times

Tanks T-14 "Armata" will not appear in the Russian army in 2021.

Contrary to statements that the Russian newest T-14 Armata tanks were supposed to begin supplying the Russian army in 2021, it became known about the next transfer of the serial production of these vehicles - this time to 2022. This is the seventh transfer of deliveries of heavy armored vehicles, which were originally supposed to start entering Russian armaments back in 2016, and by 2020 more than 2 thousand of these tanks should have been in service with Russia.

Moreover, if earlier it was reported about the completion of state tests, then according to the chief designer of the Ural Design Bureau of Transport Engineering Andrey Terlikov, they still pass and will be completed only after 1-2 years, which indicates that this is far from the only delay in the start of serial production of these combat vehicles

“Starting from 2022, we will enter stable serial deliveries of these machines. State tests of "Armata" are underway, we expect their completion within the next year or two. By the end of 2021, under one of the contracts, it is planned to supply an initial batch of machines "- said Terlikov.

There are no official comments as to why deliveries of T-14 Armata tanks to the Russian army have been postponed for several years now, which causes some concern for this project.

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Before what war?

I think it's really not worth rushing with deliveries.
firstly, additional tests and running-in will allow identifying weak points and eliminating them in a timely manner at the production stage (it is cheaper than doing this later in the troops in the field of deployment)
secondly, the attention of everyone and everything is riveted to this product, if any (even minor) shortcomings are identified, they will be presented in black. this will hit hard on reputation and sales opportunities in third countries.
thirdly, the resource of tanks and other armored vehicles in service with the troops is still great at the moment. even more so there was modernization and rebuild. accordingly, spending money on the purchase of armata and writing off the existing equipment is very wasteful and not logical.

American plant owners of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation and Russian oligarchs want to quickly cash out the products of the Russian military-industrial complex, and leave the Russian army with a bare bottom before the war. quite in the spirit of the betrayal of the Russian leadership.

It is a little expensive, so they are in no hurry to buy, and the RF Ministry of Defense is trading.

Why be surprised? pandemic, no funds, India is interested in buying the export option, there is not enough capacity, we will convert to the export option, earn money and then build ourselves, as in the 90s with the T-90 :)