Losses of Ukraine in the conflict with Russia reached 680 thousand people

Ukraine's losses in the conflict with Russia may already reach 680 troops.

China has estimated the total losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the past 11 months of the conflict at 680 people. According to the NetEase publication, today the losses of the Ukrainian army can be simply colossal and range from 500 to 680 thousand people. It is with this, according to the Chinese edition, that the next wave of mobilization in Ukraine is connected.

According to the NetEase publication, we are talking about the so-called irretrievable losses, including those seriously wounded who will not be able to take part in hostilities due to the severity of their injuries.

“As of January 18, the total losses of Ukrainian soldiers exceeded 500 and may even reach 000, which is much higher than the general estimates”, - reports the publication "NetEase".

Experts note that given the fact that the ninth mobilization is already underway in Ukraine, the situation in Ukraine is indeed extremely difficult. However, according to Chinese intelligence agencies, the actual loss of life in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine today is about 110 thousand people, although in this case it remains unknown why Ukraine is experiencing a serious shortage of military personnel.



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