Plane crash


Another Su-27 fighter crashed, two pilots died

During the crash of a Su-27 fighter in Debre Zait, two pilots died.

A few hours ago, the media reported that in the area of ​​the city of Debre Zait, a Su-27 fighter carrying out a training flight crashed. As a result of the crash, the pilots on board died.

It is reported that the training flight on the Su-27 fighter was carried out in order to prepare for the celebration of the final exams at one of the local military academies, while there are several main versions of what happened - a technical malfunction of the combat aircraft, as well as an error during piloting (the crew could not complete the spectacular maneuver and crashed into the ground - approx. ed.).

At the moment, there are no comments from the representatives of the Ethiopian Ministry of Defense, however, according to local media, in connection with the tragedy, the operation of all Su-27 fighters in service with the country was temporarily suspended.

It should be clarified that, according to the initial version of what happened, it was a collision of two Su-27 fighters, however, later, information on this subject was clarified.