Ship explosion


Now it is possible to destroy the entire Ukrainian fleet with one blow

It became possible to destroy the Ukrainian fleet with one Russian strike.

The strike with just one Russian cruise missile put the entire Ukrainian fleet at risk. As it became known, the reason for this was the finding of a huge amount of ammonium nitrate at one of the warehouses in the port of Odessa - after the detonation of only 2700 tons of ammonium nitrate in Beirut, almost the entire city was partially destroyed, however, the warehouses of the Odessa port were "forgotten" almost 4 times more of this explosive substance - 10000 tons - this is enough to destroy all ships in the port, the port itself and part of the city, and the explosion could be recorded at a distance of 300-500 kilometers.

“Former Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios, who held this position under President Poroshenko, announced that the Ukrainian port had much larger deposits of ammonium nitrate than the one that exploded in Beirut, where almost half the city was blown up. He wondered if someone would save Ukraine from a tragedy of this magnitude. As Matios wrote in his Telegram channel, back in September 2018, the Tuzla ship entered the port of Nikolaev with 3200 tons of "expired" saltpeter. Because of this, the Georgian was arrested. "And I'm wondering - is the saltpeter still there? Or maybe the incomprehensible Arahamia (David Arahamia - Chairman of the Servant of the People faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, - ed.) Has been checking this Ukrainian port since yesterday?" prosecutor ", - about it сообщает edition of the Moscow Komsomolets.

How exactly one can forget the cargo of ammonium nitrate in the port, which is approximately equal to the cargo transported by 150-200 railway wagons - it is not known, however, any sabotage could easily destroy the entire Ukrainian fleet.

At the moment, no replies have been received to the statement of the former chief prosecutor of Ukraine, however, given what happened in Lebanon, to date, audits are being carried out, almost certainly, in every country, since the damage caused to Beirut alone is estimated at several billion dollars.

where is the Ukrainian fleet?

How can you destroy what is not?

Which fleet?



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