There are new photos of a missile attack on a US military airbase in Iraq

A US military airbase in Iraq was successfully attacked by pro-Iranian forces.

Despite the fact. that the American side stated that all the attacks of pro-Iranian militias, and, probably, of the IRGC forces, on American military facilities in Iraq were useless - the missiles and rockets fired did not reach the Al-Assad airbase, the editorial staff of the portal managed to obtain photographs taken directly at the territory of the American military airfield, which prove that at least four missiles exploded on the territory of the al-Assad airbase.

In the photographs presented, you can see the consequences of the strikes of the pro-Iranian formations on the American military base, and although the photographs themselves were taken by the American military, even on them you can see that the damage is quite serious, although earlier pro-Iranian formations reported that the American military was also damaged. helicopters located in one of the hangars.

Experts draw attention to the fact that today air defense systems are located on the territory of the American military airbase Al-Assad, however, the latter have never repelled an attack by pro-Iranian forces, simply by missing missiles, which, by the way, may be due to the fact that the latter flew at low altitude.