Details of terrorist attack in Dagestan have emerged


Details of terrorist attack in Dagestan have emerged

In the evening, a series of terrorist attacks on religious sites and police officers occurred in Dagestan. According to Baza, at around 17:55 p.m., militants simultaneously threw incendiary devices at a synagogue and a Christian church in Derbent. After this, they immediately opened fire on the police officers guarding the buildings. As a result of these actions, a fire started in both buildings.

Shooting near the synagogue led to the death of a security guard and one police officer, and a second police officer was injured. Also, according to preliminary data, two passers-by were killed near the synagogue.

Near the church, terrorists killed one policeman and a clergyman, Father Nikolai, who served in the church for more than 40 years. The criminals fled the crime scene in a white Volkswagen Polo car.

Half an hour later, at 18:30, another group of militants opened fire on police officers serving near the church on Mirzabekov Street in Makhachkala. As a result of this attack, four police officers were killed and several were injured. The militants seized a VAZ-2114 car and fled along Komarova Street towards the railway tracks.

On Ermoshkin Street, terrorists threw a Molotov cocktail at the synagogue. Later, the criminals fired at a traffic police squad on Buinaksky Street, which led to the death of another policeman.

At about 19:00, militants opened fire on police officers near the Vstrecha cafe on Kammaev Street. As a result of the shootout, two militants were killed; the remaining criminals were eliminated several hours later.

In total, 15 people were killed in the attacks, including 10 police officers and 5 civilians, including a priest and passers-by. More than 20 people were injured and were hospitalized with various injuries.

At the moment, an investigation is underway aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident and identifying possible accomplices of the terrorists.


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