Satellite images of strikes on Israeli Air Force base have emerged

During yesterday's Iranian attack, the Nevatim airbase in Israel was damaged, but according to information from the press service of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), the damage was minor. IDF representatives reported that thanks to the effective work of the Israeli Air Force and the support of strategic allies, it was possible to shoot down all unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles aimed at Israel outside the country.

Information about insignificant material damage to the infrastructure is confirmed by data from satellite images obtained by journalists, on which three impact points are visible. Previously, Russian expert Shurygin announced 7 accurate hits of hypersonic missiles on an air base in the Negev desert, but this information was not confirmed.

However, several ballistic missiles were able to overcome the air defense system and exploded in close proximity to the runway of the Nevatim airbase. Despite this, damage to the base's infrastructure was minimal, and after a short period of time, the Air Force engineering services carried out the necessary repairs.


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