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There was a photo of a new sample of the strike drone "Okhotnik"

Photos of the new model of the strike UAV "Okhotnik" have been published.

At the disposal of the information and news agency there are photographs taken at the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant. Chkalov. The photo shows the process of assembling a new sample (prototype) of the domestic heavy attack drone "Okhotnik". Apparently, we are talking about one of three drones, the production of which was planned to test the drone in various conditions.

Experts pay attention to the fact that the approach to the assembly of a domestic drone is very responsible. Standard fasteners are not used here. This allows us to argue that the developer took care of providing the drone with minimal radar signature, although until recently this issue was very controversial. As for the fit of structural elements and individual parts to each other, there are also no problems here. This allows us to judge that the production process itself may well be adapted for the serial production of these drones, which, by the way, may well begin at the end of next year, since the drone tests are ahead of schedule and no problems were identified during testing.

Earlier it became known that Russia is developing a two-seat version of the Su-57 fighter, which will be able to simultaneously control four Okhotnik strike drones at once.

Interestingly, and the Americans also collect their drones in the old fashioned on rivets? Something I have not seen rivets there.

this is not crumpled metal, this is a photo retouch, something has been smeared

It looks like it's not crumpled metal, but paper is painted))

In the lower right corner, the metal is crumpled)))

That's right, the fasteners are non-standard, the screw heads stick out in several places