Zircon hypersonic missile


The first photo of the Zircon hypersonic rocket has appeared - there are even more questions for the rocket

A photograph of the latest Russian Zircon hypersonic missile has been published.

A photo of the newest Zircon hypersonic cruise missile has appeared on the web. A rather fuzzy photo makes it possible to really identify this unique cruise missile from previously published conceptual images. Many questions were raised by the fact that the image of the rocket in flight does not coincide with the image of the rocket flying out of the launcher.

In the presented image, you can see an enlarged fragment of a frame from the video of the tests of the Zircon hypersonic missile, previously published by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. In the image presented, you can clearly see the presence of an air intake and the angular shape of the rocket itself. However, in the second image, which shows the moment the rocket exited the launcher, it is noticeable that the head of the rocket has a rounded shape, and the "body" of the rocket is rather cylindrical. This fact raised a lot of questions about whether the general video from the tests was a consequence of the installation.

According to experts, the Russian defense department could really try to hide some details so as not to disclose any classified information. The fact that the Pentagon has already violently reacted to the tests of the Zircon missile, calling them a destabilizing step in the world, testifies to the fact that the United States realizes the real capabilities of this weapon, against which there are currently no means of protection.

Leaving the missile defense system is a really destabilizing factor.

"Can I give you the keys to the apartment, where is the money?" When he plops down on his head, then you will find out the configuration. Your own head ...

I think, so as not to alter the launch silos, the rocket is replenished, and after launch, all unnecessary things fall off.

The product itself as such is in itself, but the performance in one version or another may differ, and even more so in the starting version. After the launch, the starting accelerator, the casings are dropped (when moving in the atmosphere, the fairing is round, when entering the discharged layers of the atmosphere, the cap is dropped), and a bunch of starting "fittings" are dropped. Therefore, judging by the pictures, and even more so any weapons at the initial stage of use, it makes no sense

Igor, this is a new technology with which it is not necessary to familiarize everyone in detail.
Anyone interested in "details" can consider the "Neptune" rockets assembled from old spare parts)))

Well Mosfilm - so Mosfilm. Calm down already.

On the video of the launch, it is clearly visible that a couple of seconds after leaving the mine, something separates from the rocket. This is probably the fairing.

And the point is to reveal all the details? They showed it in flight, and that's enough ... And gentlemen, let them scratch the turnip and think: how is that?