The first photo of the new generation Russian strategic bomber PAK DA appeared

The first photographs of a new generation Russian strategic bomber have appeared.

The project of a promising long-range aviation complex, which is, in essence, the project of the newest strategic bomber "Messenger", which in the future will have to replace the Tu-95 and Tu-160 bombers, until recently was considered very mysterious, however, at the disposal of the Avia editorial staff. pro turned out to be photos of the layout of the newest strategic bomber, which cannot but arouse admiration.

In the photographs, you can see both a three-dimensional model of the strategic bomber itself and its scale model, moreover, you can clearly see the similarities with those concepts that have already appeared on the Web.

The strategic bomber of the new generation is made in the form of a flying wing, however, despite the earlier assumptions that the aircraft will be able to develop supersonic speed, they will probably not be justified, as indicated by individual structural elements, in particular, experts drew attention to the presence of winglets.

At the moment, there are suggestions that the newest Russian strategic bomber will have four hidden intra-fuselage compartments for a combat load, which will allow to carry a large amount of weapons, and in addition, remain an invisible target for enemy radars.

According to some reports, the first flight of the new generation PAK DA strategic bomber may take place in 2025, however, it will probably enter service with the Russian Aerospace Forces no earlier than 2030.