The first image of the American analogue of the Russian Iskander complex appeared

A photo of the American analogue of the Russian OTRK "Iskander" has appeared on the web.

After the US announced that in the near future new tactical hypersonic weapons would appear in the US Army's arsenal, it became known that the missiles of this complex very much resemble Iskander missiles. Judging by the design of the missile and its dimensions, this is almost a complete analogue of Russian weapons, which raises many questions about whether the Russian development was simply stolen.

In the presented photo you can see both the complex itself and the missile it uses, which very much resembles Russian ammunition. Nevertheless, experts express a number of doubts about the fact that the rocket can develop hypersonic speed, justifying this by its dimensions.

“In order to accelerate to hypersonic speed, the rocket will need a lot of fuel, however, when launched from the ground, it will require even more fuel than with an air launch, from which it can be assumed that the range of an American missile is either no more than 200 kilometers, or the rocket is still supersonic ", - the analyst Avia.pro underlines.

It should be noted that despite Trump's statements, the United States does not officially have hypersonic weapons, and taking into account the ongoing test tests, Washington will have it no earlier than 2023.

Is 3D rendering now equivalent to photography? About times, about morals ...