Drone hawk


The first image of the Russian supersonic drone Molniya appears

The Russian supersonic drone "Molniya" could "light up" at the stand during Shoigu's visit.

After information appeared that the Russian military was developing, and already probably creating the newest supersonic unmanned aerial vehicle "Molniya", an alleged image of this UAV appeared. The image appeared on the video during the visit of the Russian Minister of Defense to the Kronstadt enterprise, and initially the drone could have been mistakenly assessed by journalists as a hypersonic aircraft.

On the presented video frames, you can see that at the stand inspected by Sergei Shoigu there is indeed a very strange unmanned aerial vehicle. Given the fact that another Russian supersonic drone "Thunder" is located next to it, it has been suggested that the mysterious drone depicted is a "Lightning" drone, the existence of which was announced by the media.

Given the design features of the depicted drone, the latter is probably a reconnaissance drone, since it can hardly be equipped with weapons. Nevertheless, such a drone is perfect for breaking through enemy air defenses, and can be used for target designation for subsequent strikes.