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There is important evidence of Pashinyan's lies about useless Russian weapons

Satellite images refute Pashinyan's words about poor Russian weapons.

After the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan openly announced that the armed conflict was lost due to poor Russian weapons, and the Su-30SM fighters purchased from Russia were not even armed, satellite images appeared that completely refute the lies of the Armenian Prime Minister. minister.

In the presented satellite image taken on October 25, 2020, you can see the Su-30SM fighter of the Armenian Air Force, which is armed with four missiles (presumably we are talking about the R-27 and R-73 missiles - ed.), Which indicates that that the Armenian Air Force simply received an order not to use these combat aircraft, although the latter could radically change the situation in the conflict.

“It's kind of wild when you have modern weapons, but you hesitate to use them in a conflict. If Yerevan lifted fighters into the air, the Azerbaijani side would begin to retreat. Nevertheless, when Pashinyan blames the previous government for everything, it sounds really crazy, ”the expert notes.

The Prime Minister of Armenia has not yet commented on the appearance of space satellite images.

At the very beginning of the Karabakh war, Pashinyan announced that a Turkish fighter was allegedly shot down. This nonsense was picked up on the Solovyov show. A day later, a Russian general denied it in a Russian newspaper. They were told that such a lie would completely compromise the source. The general's words are valid for all Armenian sources.

And the rocket air is the air? Even if it is an Armenian fighter ... and Russian weapons are the best in the world? haha

A pro-Turkish government is in power in Armenia and that says it all. Thanks to the activities of the previous governments, the pro-Turkish nicholas came to power, no one believes anyone

Another lie on request. Where is the proof and coordinates? This is Donetsk.

Pashinyan is the Armenian Navalny, he simply leaked Karabakh, perhaps not disinterestedly.

it was not the bobbin, Pashinyan was sitting in the cockpit!

You have already decided whether the weapons were not delivered, or Russia has forbidden to raise Su-shki into the air. They got it with their lies. Russia is to blame for everything you have. Pashinyan would have blurted out about it if it were true.

Well, air-to-air missiles are not enough to fully fight. Drying could only deal with aerial targets, of which mostly drones. And apparently the air-to-surface missiles were not delivered. The war on the ground was mainly fought on the ground.

Observing the Karabakh incident of 2021, a fantasy thought arises - it was more important for Pashinyan not to win in Karabakh, but to try to draw Russia into the conflict.

This is Russia's tactical plan to remove Pashinyan by the hands of others .... and everything worked out. ☻

your credibility is not enough for such statements. Now, if Pashinyan had said ...)

Well, even if he would have raised these drying, they would not have helped him around Turkey, Azerbaijan would have been shot down simply by the small territory of Armenia, and Russia would have betrayed, and in general, if there is nothing for that, Russia will not even hold on to Armenia.

Who would have doubted. Pashinyan is just a dummy from Soros. He surrendered Karabakh, he will surrender Armenia itself, but already to the Ottomans. To the underbelly of the RF.

So Moscow did not allow Yerevan to use these Su-30s in Karabakh, they were afraid that Azerbaijan would shoot down and thereby destroy the reputation of Russian aircraft ...

Friends, do not be surprised, thanks to the corruption of the previous governments, Pashinyan (and his party), a protege of the English. crown, soros and the Turkish General Staff. For 2.5 years of rule, they defeated the entire system of government in all areas, deliberately quarreled with all neighbors and strategic ally Russia. The people hope they can archive the traitor

and Donbass got to do with it?

"After the Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan openly stated that the armed conflict in Donbass" - Where? Where?