There was a video of the crash of the most expensive bomber in history

The moment of the crash of the world's most expensive strategic bomber was captured on video.

The crash of the American strategic bomber B-2 Spirit, which occurred a few days ago in the US state of Missouri, was caught on video. As previously reported by the news agency, the incident occurred due to a crew error - the plane began to roll just before touching the runway, as a result of which the wing collided with the earth's surface.

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of the incident.

At the same time, judging by the situation, any external factors did not prevent the crew from safely landing the most expensive bomber in the world. However, at the moment there are no official comments from the representatives of the Pentagon on this matter.

It is known that the crew of the crashed American strategic bomber B-2 Spirit was not injured, having managed to eject.

Given the serious damage to the bomber, the latter, apparently, will be decommissioned for the next six months.

To date, the B-2 Spirit strategic bomber is the most expensive bomber in history - its cost is about $ 2 billion.

This video is very old. Then the bomber burned down, they wrote it off.
And this time it was a completely different situation, from the aerial photographs it is clear that he touched the ground with the left wing console. Actually, that's all.
Why an old video is shoved like a new one is another matter.

That's right, the video is old. Why it is served as new is not entirely clear.

An expensive, poorly understood toy. Popilbudget, which ours never dreamed of even in the most fabulous dream.

Elementary. You do not own the topic, so you are asking this. A modern catapult is equipped with squibs, which throws the seat with the pilot up a few tens of meters, after which the system of quick filling of the canopy is triggered. So a shot from the ground, and the pilots are intact. So, for example, our famous test pilot Kvochur survived at one of the air shows (failure of the control system at an extremely low altitude and activation of the catapult almost a few meters before the plane hit the ground).

If you did not know, then in the production of any aircraft, the number of potential losses is invested in the number of aircraft built, as was the case with the F-117, for example.

You will have to give your whole life for a broken toy

Modern catapults allow you to catapult near the ground and even on the ground, for example K-36

the Americans
completely destroyed equipment - "decommissioned" for a couple of years.
and then it is secretly written off ..

How can you eject when the wing is already in the ground? Either the authors are lying, or the pilots still suffered!

"crew ejected" already from the ground?

Hmm, it's funny, but the video that is indicated here is 12 years old)

cannot be restored

Come on .. Why is everyone pumping up? It can be seen that it is only slightly scratched. Will touch up and go.

It will be "restored" in the same way as the BDK that burned out.

* Apparently, it will be decommissioned for the next six months. * - For half a year? Yes, this plane has everything (it has flown), the way is only to the scrap. -2 billion. The video shows that the catapults were triggered and the pilots left the cockpit, so the plane was further out of control. It also looks like it flipped over when hitting the surface. After this, it is impossible to restore, it is easier and cheaper to build a new one.