There was a video of the most powerful night explosion at a Russian military base in Syria

Al-Qaeda terrorists attacked a Russian military base in northern Syria.

The terrorists of the Al-Qaeda group (a terrorist group banned in Russia - editor's note) published a video of their attack on a Russian military base located in the vicinity of the city of Tel Samin. It is known that the terrorists initially fired at the positions of the Russian military, after which a powerful explosion thundered.

In the video footage presented, you can see the moment of the attack on a Russian military facility in Syria, while officially there were no casualties or wounded by the Russian military, although Syrian sources claimed at least one seriously wounded Russian military was at the entrance to the Russian military base.

On the presented video frames, one can assess the power of the thundering explosion, however, the military base of the Russian military, which, allegedly, is located on the territory of the former school, did not receive any damage.

According to the data provided, the attack on the Russian military base was committed on January 1, 2021, while representatives of the Russian defense department and the command of the Russian military group in Syria did not disclose any details.

Bad news, wrote about it three weeks ago

To the place of explosion about 250 meters and an open field, and where is the base?

But what about the s-400 and s-300