kamikaze drones


There was a video of powerful strikes of one of the most secret Russian kamikaze drones

The Russian military has published a video of the Lancet kamikaze drone strikes on the positions of Turkish mercenaries.

The information resource Avia.pro has a video of the strikes of the Russian unmanned aerial vehicle "Lancet" on the positions of Turkish jihadists in one of the northern regions. According to preliminary information, the strikes were carried out using Lancet-3 drones, although the Russian military also has drones with a more powerful warhead.

In the video footage presented, you can see how Russian drones are actively used against mercenaries of the Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham group (a terrorist group officially banned on the territory of the Russian Federation - editor's note), which confirms the information previously published by the Avia.pro resource that that these drones were actively used in Syria, although the Russian defense department did not confirm this data.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the Russian military continues to actively use kamikaze UAVs of the Lancet family against Syrian militants and terrorists of the Islamic State (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.) To this day, since these drones were able to successfully recommend themselves.