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There was a video of the shelling of a British Navy destroyer by a Russian warship

There was a video of the shelling of a British destroyer by a Russian warship.

The news agency obtained video footage showing the moment of a collision in Russian territorial waters between warships of the British Navy and the Russian Navy. The incident took place on June 23 and almost led to the real destruction of the British destroyer, the crew of which ignored the warnings of the Russian side.

In the video footage presented, you can see an episode of the chase of a Russian warship for a British missile destroyer. Judging by the distance to the British warship, the Russian military really failed to provide cover for the territorial waters of Russia, as a result of which an artillery mount was opened on the destroyer.

Remarkable is the fact that the commander of a Russian warship gave the order to open fire, but at the same time to exclude hitting the intruder ship - what exactly this is connected with is unknown, however, at that moment the British missile destroyer "HMS Defender" was already in the territorial waters of Russia and carried a real threat.

It should be noted that according to the Russian defense department, it was possible to deploy the British warship only after the warning bombing of the Su-24 bomber, however, this fact is denied in London.

Next time you need to act more actively ...

It looks more like a salute in honor of Great Britain. One hundred poods. the British did not even notice how the machine-gunner was scribbling on our slow trough behind the stern.

A sofa expert? Captain Defender and the crew are not cowards, and are on friendly terms with their heads, knowing full well that in the event of opening fire on the patrol ship, and sinking it, they themselves will be destroyed by aviation.

- with military equipment in Russia today is really somehow not very good - in any case, to resist on an equal footing at sea the NATO countries, which include the United States with their dozen aircraft carriers - Russia has long since had nothing.

Well, the funniest thing is the so-called "threat of destruction of Defender" - start a Russian ship to shoot directly at the British destroyer - the answer would follow immediately, and the big question is who was really destroyed!

Whether or not bombs were dropped is not recorded anywhere. And the border is really open. Our boat could not catch up with the Englishman, only by plane. There was news that a Chinese border guard piled / rammed an American, this is effective, to shoot is a war, to ram is an incident. It's just that we cannot make engines for ships as well as for helicopters. Ukraine used to do it, we try, but we don't get good ones. So it happened, the Englishman added a move and left as if from standing.