There was a video with a downed Turkish drone in northern Syria

The Syrians have published a video of the destruction of a Turkish UAV near Afrin.

A few hours ago, residents of the Syrian province of Aleppo published a video showing the destruction of a Turkish drone that operated in this region without the approval of the Syrian and Russian military. It is not known what kind of drone we are talking about, however, a few days earlier in the same area of ​​Syria, the Turkish attack and reconnaissance UAVs Baytraktar TB2 were seen. In this regard, it is argued that it was this Turkish drone that was shot down.

On the presented video frames, you can see the first moments after the destruction of a Turkish attack drone near the city of Aleppo. How exactly the drone was shot down is unknown. Apparently, one of the Syrian air defense systems located in the same province was used for this.

For what purpose the Turkish attack drone Bayraktar TB2 could fly in the region is unknown, however, given the outbreak of exacerbation in northwestern Syria, against the background of preparations for the assault on Idlib, Turkey could either try to seize valuable intelligence data, or even attack positions of the Syrian military.

The Turkish side has not yet commented on the loss of its drone.

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