Satellite image of the carrier of Russian nuclear torpedoes "Poseidon"

The American media published a satellite image of the Poseidon nuclear torpedo carrier.

USNI News has published a satellite photograph of the likely carrier of Russian nuclear-powered Poseidon unmanned aerial vehicles. At the same time, the American side draws attention to the fact that, judging by the development of the program, at the current stage, almost everything is ready for Russia to adopt this nuclear drone, which poses a very great danger to the United States.

In the presented satellite image, taken at the beginning of this year, you can see a nuclear submarine located next to the pier. At the same time, in its front part, you can see two massive channels for launching nuclear torpedoes. This may indicate that in the future, the carriers of the Poseidon will be able to carry out a strike at once with 6-8 nuclear underwater drones.

Moreover, the journalists drew attention to another satellite image, on which one can see the ship "Akademik Aleksandrov", which, as noted, will act as a loading ship, since it is for this reason that the ship has a specially equipped stern, which makes it possible to load a torpedo compartment of the carrier submarine by the Poseidon drones.

“Satellite imagery confirms that Poseidon can be deployed on the Akademik Aleksandrov special-purpose ship [listed in the Navy as a rescue tug, research vessel]. At the same time, it looks like there is a nuclear torpedo or its imitation on board. ", - reports "USNI News".

Earlier it was reported that the Poseidon nuclear underwater drone would be adopted by the country by 2030.


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