The appearance of a secret Russian submarine alarms the command of the US Navy

The United States is concerned about the appearance of the Russian nuclear submarine Laika.

The newest Russian nuclear submarine of the Laika family caused serious panic in the United States, which is primarily due to the fact that the technologies used to create the Russian nuclear submarine are so unique that they make the submarine an almost invincible enemy, and it will be virtually impossible to notice the approach of the submarine ...

As the specialist of the publication "The National Interest" notes, in addition to the fact that the submarine is difficult to detect, the Russian military has also equipped the atomic submarine with a whole arsenal of various weapons, which, if such a command arrives, can easily destroy half of the territory of the United States, although, obviously, to beat the Russian nuclear submarine of the Laika family will be located in key military centers, military bases and other strategic objects.

“The appearance of the fifth generation Russian nuclear submarine was a very big surprise for the United States. Probably, the Pentagon relaxed, believing that Russia is unlikely to present any modern weapons, but with the advent of a new Russian submarine in the United States, they staged a real panic, since there is no protection from Laika. ", - the expert notes.

It still needs to be built, for a start ...