The appearance in the Black Sea of ​​the American destroyer Donald Cook was called Biden's signal to Russia about a new large-scale confrontation

The appearance in the Black Sea of ​​an American warship with cruise missiles was called Biden's signal to Russia.

Despite the fact that the American missile destroyer "Donald Cook" was sent to the waters of the Black Sea even when Donald Trump was in the presidency of the United States, it became known that the new head of the Pentagon and Biden decided not to cancel the mission of the American fleet near the Russian borders. what journalists instantly called Biden's powerful signal to Russia.

At the moment, the American missile destroyer "Donald Cook" is at the entrance to the Black Sea, while the mission of the warship in this region is still unknown - the Pentagon has not announced plans to interact with its allies, which causes some caution.

Despite the fact that the American missile destroyer is armed with cruise missiles, it is known that it does not pose any serious threat to Russia - at the entrance to the waters of the Black Sea, Russian warships have already settled down to escort the US Navy destroyer, while it is possible escorting this ship and Russian fighter and bomber aircraft.

One trough "causes alertness" ?! Truly "why Losharik" and the bay of Peter the Great to the petty recluse from Ogaryov ...

We can sleep well for now, but it won't always be that way. Moses already wrote about the coming war: “And the ships from Kittim [US Navy] will oppress Assur [Russia], and they will oppress Eber [other opponents, including Iran and China]” (Numbers 24: 24a). This armada, after completing its mission, will not return home, it will be destroyed (Numbers 24: 24b). The US will attack Russia, but not destroy it. It will be a mutual massacre. This time it will be a world war not only in name. The world will be taken from the earth and the “great sword” used (Revelation 6: 4). Jesus described him as follows: “Things that are terrifying and extraordinary [associated with unusual phenomena] from heaven [from the air] will be mighty” (Luke 21:11).
Some ancient manuscripts contain Jesus' words "and frost."
Aramaic Peshitta: "and there will be great frosts." Today we call it "nuclear winter".
And in Mark 13: 8 there are also Jesus' words: “and disorder” (in the sense of confusion and chaos).
Aramaic Peshitta: "and confusion" (on the state of public order).
The use of these weapons will also cause significant tremors along and across regions, famines and epidemics (Luke 21:11).
Jesus presented here the complete picture of the aftermath of a global nuclear war. This will not be "the end of the world." As predicted, it will still be “the beginning of labor pains” (Matthew 24: 8).