The fire at the Kursk airfield was extinguished only after more than a day

The fire at the Kursk airfield, caused by a drone attack, was extinguished after more than a day.

The attack of a Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle on the airfield in Kursk led to a severe fire at the oil reservoir. As a result of the explosion and the subsequent strong fire, there were no casualties and casualties, however, it took about 30 hours to extinguish the fire.

Taking into account the fact that the fire at the oil reservoir on the territory of the Kursk airfield lasted more than a day, a large amount of oil products was destroyed by fire.

How serious the destruction and overall damage from the drone attack on the Kursk airfield is is still unknown, however, this is the fourth Russian airfield that has been attacked by drones launched from Ukraine (the attack on the airfield in Crimea was successfully repelled). This indicates that the attack was most likely targeted.

It is known that as a result of the attack on the airfield in Kursk, it was possible to avoid damage and destruction of aircraft and other equipment located here, however, regular attacks indicate that the purpose of the attack is to cause maximum damage to aircraft.



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