A fire at an oil depot in the Bryansk region occurred as a result of an unknown munition

The strongest fire at the oil depot in the Bryansk region provoked an explosion of ammunition.

Tonight at the oil depot in the Bryansk region started a strong fire. The latter was localized on an area of ​​​​about 4000 square meters, however, so far the fire has not been eliminated, since the latter is of a critical nature. The cause of the fire, according to preliminary data, was the hit of an unknown ammunition - according to some information, an unmanned aerial vehicle dropped the ammunition onto the oil depot.

On the presented video frames and photographs, you can see the consequences of a fire at an oil depot in the Bryansk region. The exact amount of fuel destroyed as a result of the fire and the destruction at the oil depot has not yet been announced. However, the fact that the fire has been going on for several hours indicates that it is of an extremely complex nature.

Experts note that the location of oil storage facilities and tank farms near the borders with Ukraine creates an additional risk that the latter may become targets of attacks by the Ukrainian military. Moreover, the very purpose of the attacks may be the attempts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to create panic among the civilian population, especially against the background of the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine regularly shell the Kursk and Belgorod regions.


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