Fire at the Platan Research Institute: Eyewitnesses report an explosion

In Fryazino, Moscow Region, a large fire broke out in the building of the Platan Research Institute. An institute specializing in the development of electron beam devices, semiconductor lasers and liquid crystal displays found itself at the epicenter of a major fire. According to preliminary information, the fire started on the 5-6 floors of the building, in the offices of the planning and design building.

It is reported that there are people inside the burning building. Eyewitnesses report an explosion that occurred inside the building and likely caused the fire to spread quickly. The area of ​​the fire is 3500 square meters, and at the moment the building is completely engulfed in smoke. Particularly alarming is the fact that the part of the building where employees were until recently was on fire.

Fire crews and rescue services quickly arrived at the scene of the incident. Work is underway to evacuate people and contain the fire. Firefighters face serious challenges due to thick smoke and high temperatures inside the building. Eyewitnesses report that rescuers are doing everything possible to save people and prevent further spread of the fire.


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