A fire in the longest railway tunnel in Russia occurred due to a short circuit

A fire broke out on a freight train in the Severomuysky Tunnel, the longest railway tunnel in Russia. According to preliminary data, the cause of the incident was a short circuit in the cable network. The event took place near the Okushikan station in Buryatia, when the driver driving a 50-car train heard a bang, after which a fire started in one of the cars. This data is provided by Baza journalists.

Fortunately, the driver and his assistant were not injured. However, as a result of the fire, three tank cars were seriously damaged: one of them was completely burned out. A cable line burning out along a 200-meter section was also recorded, which confirms the version of a short circuit.

At the time of the incident, fuel began to leak from one of the cars. Work to restore and eliminate the fire in the tunnel is underway, but there are no delays in the movement of passenger trains. Law enforcement officers are working at the scene.

The Severomuysky Tunnel, with a length of 15 meters, is a key part of the railway infrastructure in the region.


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