News Russian Armed Forces destroyed a bus with 20 mercenaries from Poland by hitting an anti-tank missile

The Russian military killed 20 mercenaries from Poland with one blow.

The ranks of Polish mercenaries taking part in the hostilities on the side of Ukraine have thinned significantly. As it became known, thanks to Russian military intelligence, it was possible to timely detect the transfer of a group of 20 Polish mercenaries towards the front, and as soon as it was established that we were talking about mercenaries, a precise blow was struck on the bus in which the members of the Polish PMC were moving. from ATGM.

“The scouts identified a moving enemy bus, in which, according to the interception, there were more than 20 mercenaries from Poland. The bus was completely destroyed by the impact of an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM)", - reports the edition "".

In the video footage, you can see how an anti-tank guided missile accurately struck a bus with Polish mercenaries, preventing them from dismounting. Moreover, judging by the duration of the flight of an anti-tank missile, the latter barely reached its target - the blow was delivered from the maximum distance in order to mask positions.

In turn, it should be noted that similar video frames have already been published before, however, information that Polish mercenaries were in the vehicle is provided for the first time.


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