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Russian government board was not allowed to land at Geneva airport

The plane of the Russian government was not allowed to land at the Geneva airport.

The West decided to stage a provocation a few hours before the meeting of the US and Russian presidents in Geneva. So, according to data from open monitoring resources that allow tracking aircraft, the Russian government board was not allowed to land in Geneva for almost an hour - the aircraft was in the air all this time. There are no official comments from Switzerland on this score, however, Switzerland could not be unaware of Vladimir Putin's visit to Geneva.

Initially, it was assumed that we are talking about the plane of the Russian leader, however, sources reported that the plane, circling over Geneva for about an hour, carried the Russian delegation and journalists - Vladimir Putin himself will arrive in Switzerland only today.

The delay in the landing of the Russian government board was deliberate, since the Russian side announced in advance that the plane would arrive in Switzerland at a certain time, however, for some reason, the board was denied landing - the circumstances of this were not disclosed by the Swiss side.

Super wrote.

Show the track of the government plane.
And other reliable information.
Without this, your publication is rumors, chatter (fake).

This is not a gentleman's act on the part of Switzerland .... No respect for President V. V. Putin on the face .... God be their judge.

Our shooter has ripened everywhere, He is not late, he is delayed as he should.

... what can they do? all their money is in Swiss banks, all on the hook. I would have killed them too

Why didn't you run for president ?! For a long time everyone would have lived in paradise.

Under Putin, we achieved the restoration of the state, a strong army, excellent roads, good pensions, I personally travel abroad in the best cities: Paris, Rome, Vienna, Budapest, Barcelona, ​​etc. , and what have you achieved: no one in the world around the fire, as the state does not perceive, have lost land, begging with an outstretched hand, only lumps from the army, there is no work, or rather, there is in Europe, wash toilets there and pick berries, cry from pensions all Ukrainians, the roads are broken, can you list more?

We flew for 1 hour ... For your own money? Not! Dad so finally planted on another strip of another state ... And after this incident, we are told that the tea was given sour

Anyway, Putin is late everywhere. An hour earlier, an hour later - it doesn't matter.

How do you know? Were there?

Is this a joke?

... the most suitable aircraft for delegations, the Tu-160, pouring out all its smish bonbo load at low level over Geneva

the entire government took the opportunity in full force for free, as is customary in Russia, went to Geneva where no one was waiting for them

This plane, not just with passengers on board, but with the President of Russia on board, especially flew to a big meeting. The question is which head decided to refuse to sit.

It was necessary to determine the place of the summit not in Geneva, but in sunny Magadan.

They wanted to disrupt the meeting, but it did not work out, it is not so easy to provoke us.

But probably Russia has achieved a lot under Yeltsin. Ali has already forgotten everything.

The site cannot but lie. The plane circled while taking Biden's board and nothing more.

neutral Switzerland? Oh well. It would be better to choose Helsinki or Vienna.

Why does our President allow such humiliation of Russia: - Members of the delegation vaccinated with our vaccine are also not allowed, except for the President himself? We are all flirting.

Write a lie. The plane landed. He sat down with a delay, as if due to the fact that Biden was taken out of the airport for a long time. There was no malicious intent on the part of Switzerland, and there was no threat to the plane.

They want to harm Putin with small dirty tricks.

Russia allows such an attitude towards itself

What has the state achieved under Putin? In domestic policy, in foreign policy, nothing!

I watched as the board, which took off from Sochi with the President of Russia, sat down without any delay at the Geneva airport at 13-30 Moscow time ...

Why is this board considered government?

... that's for sure, the most suitable plane for delegations, Tu-160, with a full bomb load ... in an hour it was possible to report GDP, turn around and fly to Moscow ...

Probably the guarantor needs to have at least some pride, not his own, but for Russia. Why meet with such an attitude and a known result !?

And that would be the right decision.

The delegation chose the wrong board - it was necessary to fly on a Tu-160

Maybe aiming?

Our authority in Europe.

Correct, it was necessary to return home.

When they come to us, they will also circle. But not an hour, but a whole day.

It would be necessary to act as Yevgeny Primakov did, that is, to turn the plane

Responsible for Ryanair in Minsk

It was necessary to turn around and go home! Stop all this farce! Nothing will change anyway!