The great-granddaughter of the legendary pilot Chkalov is suspected of justifying terrorism - she called for donations to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

After a debate on the YouTube channel of the publication “Kholod” (included in the list of foreign agent media) at the end of January, where issues of supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) with donations were discussed, a criminal case was opened against the great-granddaughter of the famous pilot Valery Chkalov, Daria Bogdanova. During a debate with journalist Oleg Kashin, Bogdanova expressed the opinion that it was possible and necessary to send money to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while Kashin (included in the list of foreign agents) expressed the opposite position.

Specialists from the Forensic Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, having watched the video recording of the debate, found signs of justification for terrorism in Bogdanova’s statements. As a result, on April 11, a criminal case was initiated under the second part of Article 205.2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, which provides for liability for public calls for terrorism or public justification of terrorism.

Currently Daria Bogdanova lives in Belgium. What’s noteworthy is that this is not the first time Bogdanova has come under scrutiny for openly anti-Russian statements.


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