The ruling party of Armenia began discussing the withdrawal from the CSTO because of the weapons promised by the US

Armenia announced the start of discussions on the country's withdrawal from the CSTO.

Gagik Melkonyan, a member of Armenia's ruling Civil Contract party, said that discussions within the faction had begun on the issue of withdrawing from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) or suspending Armenia's membership in the CSTO for an unspecified period.

According to a member of the Civil Contract party, the United States intends to provide Armenia with access to its weapons and support, however, only on the condition that this country withdraws from the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

“The United States will sell us weapons if we leave the CSTO. This is their precondition, yes, they want us to withdraw from the CSTO. Discussions have begun in the State Duma faction on the withdrawal or suspension of Armenia's membership in the CSTO- said Gagik Melkonyan.

At the moment, we can talk about an attempt to blackmail other CSTO member countries, since Yerevan has already threatened several times to withdraw from the CSTO due to the fact that other countries allegedly do not fulfill their obligations, although at the same time, during the visit of CSTO representatives to Armenia, no facts indicating that intervention is required, while Azerbaijan is escalating, have not been established.


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