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Aeroflot representatives confirmed their intention to buy 75% stake in Transaero

Representatives of GC "Aeroflot" confirmed their intention to purchase three-quarters of the shares of the air carrier "Transaero».

Taking into account the information presented by the representative of the Civil Code "Aeroflot", information resource learned that when making a purchase 75% stake flights shedule "Transaero", further activities of one of the largest Russian air carriers will undergo restructuring and further integration into the GC "Aeroflot" .

It is worth noting that for the first time information about buying 75% stake in Russian airline "Aeroflot" was announced this morning, however, no official confirmation of this intention to do up to this point was not. How exactly will affect the follow-up airline "Transaero" such a purchase, remains unknown, but is likely to comments on this will be announced already this week.

Airline "Transaero" is one of the fastest growing operators in Russia, and in spite of the financial difficulties that emerged from the carrier at the end of last year, for the last period 2015 years, not only managed to reduce some of the debt, but also to actively increase passenger traffic on various fronts, including both domestic and international.

That's taken Aeroflot private company. Will have to fly foreign companies.



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