The investigation catastrophe MH17


Representatives Bellingcat named responsible for destruction MH17

Bellingcat Specialists named responsible for the destruction of a passenger airliner over the Donbas.

As the official report of the expert and journalistic group Bellingcat, transport anti-aircraft missile system "Buk" allegedly carried out the former Russian officer Sergey Dubinsky, which actually makes it his responsibility, according to the journalists, the destruction of the airliner. It should be clarified that in his investigation, journalists have not been able to provide any evidence that it could make it a Russian officer, and that this even exists, so that the conclusions are not legitimate.

It should be clarified that at the moment no official response has been received from the Russian representatives in this regard.

And what is this Bellingcat? and that there is a specialists?

In January 2017, the Netherlands security services on closed hearings in parliament stated that following the region Boeing worked one "Beech" and it belonged to Ukraine. So that bastard MI-6 Bellingcat big hello!