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Prime Minister of Finland had to fly from Helsinki to Oulu in the toilet

Finnish Prime Minister flew from Helsinki to Oulu in the toilet.

According to the information received, all air tickets for the Helsinki - Oulu flight were sold out in advance, which is why the Finnish Prime Minister was forced to contact the commander of a special rescue plane, who also intended to fly to Oulu. On board the rescue plane, there was only one free seat, which Juha Sipilä gave to his wife, and he, with the permission of the plane commander, took his "seat" in the toilet, where he spent the entire flight.

Kazusnaya situation occurred even two weeks ago, at the same time, as noted by the press in Finland, this is quite an extraordinary event, he told the commander of the aircraft which was flying and the Prime Minister of the country, however, is not denying that such an event took place.


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