The criminal who opened fire on a police officer with a machine gun turned out to be a fighter of PMC "Wagner"

In the Rostov region, a criminal was detained who opened fire from a machine gun on police officers.

During the search activities, police officers detained a criminal who had committed a crime in the Rostov region the day before by opening fire from a machine gun on police officers. According to Baza journalists, the detained was a fighter of the private military company Wagner named Nikolin, who allegedly signed a contract with a PMC, but later, for unknown reasons, decided to desert and immediately committed a crime.

“The deserter who opened fire on the police turned out to be a fighter from PMC Wagner. According to the Base, Nikolin was serving time in the Ufa IK-4. From there, he was recruited into the Wagner PMC. Yesterday Nikolin attacked the police and opened fire on them with a Kalashnikov machine gun. The man wounded one employee in the pelvis and then fled. They searched for him for about a day and found him in an abandoned pig farm. During the arrest, Nikolin tried to resist”- сообщают Base journalists.

How exactly the escaped fighter of PMC "Wagner" was able to freely seize weapons and leave the closed territory is unknown.

At the moment, there are no official comments from representatives of PMC "Wagner" and representatives of the Federal Penitentiary Service, including whether we are really talking about a prisoner who is at large, no.


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