Armenian President Armen Sarkissian resigns

The President of Armenia announced his resignation.

President of the Republic of Armenia Armen Sarkissian resigned due to the current situation in the country. According to the Armenian leader, this is not related to his emotional state, but, in all likelihood, is due to the current situation in the republic, namely, the internal situation and foreign policy.

“I thought for a very long time and after almost four years of active work I decided to resign from the post of President of Armenia. This is absolutely not an emotional decision and comes from a certain logic.”- said Armen Sargsyan.

According to the President of Armenia, he thought about his resignation from the post of the leader of the country for a long time and made a final decision, emphasizing that for a certain period of time he simply could not influence the actions of certain political groups, since he was not endowed with such rights.

“We live in a unique reality, a reality in which the President cannot influence issues of war or peace: a reality when he cannot veto laws that he considers inappropriate for the state and people, a reality where the President’s capabilities are not perceived as an advantage for states, but as a threat from various political groups, a reality in which the President cannot use most of his potential to solve systemic domestic and foreign policy tasks, a reality in which the world is in a zone of constant turbulence, and the president does not have a constitutional instrument, to help his country, a reality in which the head of state, and sometimes his family, are targeted by various political groups. The latter are interested not so much in the achievements of the presidential institution for the good of the country, but in my past, various conspiracy theories and myths. This "concern" for me goes beyond morality, ultimately directly affecting my health. I thought for a long time and decided to step down as President of the Republic after active work for about four years.”- said Sargsyan.

At the moment, it remains unknown who exactly will apply for the presidency of the country, however, presidential elections in Armenia may take place in the near future, which is likely to be announced by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan on Monday.

According to a number of analysts, Sargsyan made the decision to leave the post of President of Armenia against the backdrop of a clear conflict with Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, however, Sargsyan did not voice any details.