Nikol Pashinyan


Armenian President refused to dismiss the head of the General Staff and demanded immediate explanations from Pashinyan

Even the president of Armenia stopped trusting Pashinyan.

Armenian President Armen Sarkissian refused to sign the decree of the Prime Minister of the country on the dismissal of the head of the General Staff of Armenia, previously issued by Nikol Pashinyan. Moreover, the President of Armenia demanded explanations from Pashinyan on this score, obviously implying a public statement about the refusal of Russian weapons and accusations against Russia that it was because of her that Karabakh was lost.

“The President of Armenia did not sign a decree on the dismissal of the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces and returned the document to the Prime Minister. At the same time Sargsyan stated that he does not support any of the political forces, and the decree on the dismissal of the Chief of the General Staff, in the opinion of lawyers, is contrary to the constitution. ", - the Russian news agency "TASS" reports.

The factual distrust of the Armenian president to the prime minister of the country seriously undermines the already low authority of Pashinyan, especially after, according to him, the Iskander complexes showed a failed result, and the RF Ministry of Defense denied this.

Pashinyan has not made any statements on this yet.