Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev challenged the forces of the CSTO

Aliyev said that the CSTO forces will not be able to stop Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev threw down a direct challenge to the CSTO forces, stating that if Armenia tries to go for aggression, it will be completely destroyed, since in fact, the Armenian army was almost completely eliminated during the 44-day war, and the help of other states It is better not to count on Yerevan, since it will be impossible to stop the Azerbaijani army. Aliyev's statement sounded against the backdrop of a new round of escalation, when at least three Armenian servicemen were killed due to the attacks of the Azerbaijani army (according to the Azerbaijani side, at least 8).

“Today, the Armenian army is completely destroyed and unable to resist us. We are closely monitoring all attempts at military development in Armenia, both on our own and with the help of their partners. If we see the slightest threat, we will destroy it. Everyone should know and understand this. […] Apparently, they are counting on [CSTO] help, but let them remember that no one can stop us, as was the case in the Second Karabakh War. The only thing that stops us is our unwillingness to have a third war. It is for this reason that at 21:30 I gave the order to the Minister of Defense to stop.”, - said Ilham Aliyev.

Such a challenge from the President of Azerbaijan can well be considered a direct threat not only to Armenia, but also to the CSTO member countries, since, as in the case of Kazakhstan, Yerevan may well request assistance through the CSTO in the event of a new conflict and Russia , together with other countries, will have to respond to this.

The CSTO forces have been activated once since the signing of the collective agreement, and the defeat of the 20-strong army of militants in Kazakhstan was the best demonstration of strength, and such challenges from Aliyev may turn out to be extremely reckless.

Громкие слова от Алиева ,к тому же без всякого повода ,я не знаю какая армия у Армении но точно знаю что само оружие дело не делает без специалиста ,а в этой войне выиграла не Азербайджанская армия а армия Турций ,но в одну и тоже воронку не попадает снаряд.Так что иногда молчание на вес золота .

"Армия Армении не была задействована..." Какой ужас. А кто же тогда воевал в Карабахе?"армия нкр"..? В Карабахе население 100.000 человек.

За то, что сама Россия избила свой вертолет?

За то, что сама Россия избила свой вертолет?

Марат, ты где видел с голоду умирающих людей. Степень ожирения в стране превысила 70 процентов. Возле домов машину поставить не где. Ничего не перепутал? Мы ведь не Окраина.

20 000 армия боевиков в Казахстане! Ну и бред. Единственно что доказала армия ОДКБ , это то что она направлена не против внешних врагов, а против собственных народов, и защищает только бессменных царьков дорвавшихся до власти, это слабость. Алиев в этом убедился и спокойно начал угрожать, он прав.

Чёт не видел не одного умершего с голоду в России и не слышал. Ничего не попутал?

Я не думаю, что такую глупость мог сказать Алиев. Я такого заявления просто не слышал.

лучше устраивайте свою экономику, а то эти стрелялки обернутся против вас.

Ему надоело править в Азербайджане...

ребята, давайте жить дружно!! и будет всем счастье. нам нечего делить

Армения и армия две вещи не совместимы...Как страны её нет нет и армии.

Придумайте чё нибудь умнее

конечно дойдут с помидорами если таможня добро дасть.

Проснись они уже давно в Москве....

Да, это так, кроме клана Алиевых там нищета

Russia does not need prompts. In Azerbaijan, poverty and destitution are much greater than in Russia

And trade in Russia?

Armenian army in Sochi traded tomatoes and deceived Russian tourists

The army of Armenia was not involved in this war. Armenia did not recognize Karabakh as its own territory, nor as a separate state, and none of the CSTO WILL fight for it !!

He thinks he is a god.

a simple coincidence of Armenia's duty in the CSTO, do not worry so much, without the rest of the CSTO members, Armenia is not WHO ...

Something in Moscow is not overcrowded by diasporas. Probably come to lose weight.

Well, how did you not present it for the pilots ?! Of course, they did, and they even apologized to the media, but there are still claims against Azerbaijan, but we don’t know about them

For some reason, it seems to me that the media are turning everything upside down, Aliyev is an experienced politician and knows that he feeds on Russia in certain areas, and in general he is a decent person

Don't tell Russia what to do, you won't know where to go. An example is the independent Crane, she is already in the thought.

Let Russia look after its people, people are in debt for the rest of their lives, people are dying of hunger, these problems must be solved, and not interfere in Azerbaijan

Someone will make excuses soon

You shouldn't bury yourself like that, otherwise the Russians will bury ...

20 tons of militants armed with 126 machine guns and rifles. Were crushed

Maybe it is already worth demilitorizing Azeobaiddan? As I understand it, Aliyev no longer needs the armed forces. Since in a real conflict, Azerbaijan will be defeated in the very first hours. The Azerbaijani army already sounds like a joke. Let them say thank you and pray that Russia did not show them anything for the helicopter and our pilots.

Funny. Just very funny :)

The Russian Federation is actually ready to confront and, if necessary, destroy the most powerful army in the world (the United States and the entire NATO bloc to boot). And this is not a game of srv, but an already accomplished reality. And here some second-rate country of the 3rd world the size of one region, together with the dwarf gigimon Turkey, for which 0.7 missiles are enough to literally wipe it off the face of the earth, are puffing up something ..

Let them calm down in Turkey .. in the event of a likely conflict with the United States, will all airfields and bases in Turkey be destroyed among the first and in the first half hour in principle? And at the same time, most of the combat-ready army of Turkey, as a member of NATO. Then their dream will come true .. they will fight. minutes 5-10.

The only one who seriously threatens Russia at the moment is the NATO bloc, or rather the US forces, and even then their aviation and strategic missile forces.

I assure you, he has not forgotten this, and he understands perfectly well that it will not be profitable at all to butt heads with Russia and Iran. Although it seems that Iran is not noticed in special sympathy for Armenia. But he already has a Hamburg account with Azerbaijan, no Turkey will save him, and he won’t twitch (except for the urgent evacuation of his people from Azerbaijan)

so what, he doesn’t threaten Russia, he just forks when there is an opportunity, and who doesn’t do that? Pashinyan was so insolent before the latest conflict in NK, look for his "famous" speech with personal insults against Aliyev.

come on, this is just some kind of dregs, Ilham will not even get involved with the theoretical possibility of accusing the EU of sins similar to those that Turkey has.

It's one thing to threaten, it's another to get a global reaction

Aizers and Turks in their dreams and dreams will reach Moscow

Hitler with a huge army could not reach, but he, ,, can, well, yes

Yes, and the first Karabakh war with Azerbaijan was fought not by Armenia, but you by Russia. With the help of the Pskov and Vitebsk Airborne Forces. So we take off the calculation

Does he think he's immortal?

Armenians outside of Armenia need to help their Motherland.

they have been in Moscow for a long time

The dreams of the Armenians to drag Russia into the war, the author did not seem to find 20 militants in Kazakhstan, the people rose as they doubled gas prices and the division of power.

Petty provocateur

Gor Black January 13, 2022 at 08:53

Azeris and Turks will reach Moscow in a week"

They are already there for a long time.
In the markets they sell and shops are built.

They will only come as prisoners of war

If you transport coffins by plane, then faster ...

That's right, they will reach Moscow and (not a cm further) and there they will remain two meters below ground level.

Gor Black, they can and will reach, only they will first let them book places in the cemetery, it will be troublesome to take them back, and there is nowhere to go.

I took Erdogan's manners as an example.
Famously brings it on the turns, will soon drive into any pole.

Aliyev does not seem to be friends with his head, or does he rely on the Turks? so, according to the prophecies, Turkey will soon not be a state.

Ilham Heydarovich is a great strategist. No wonder his portrait in Baku was put higher than Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shi ... and even Suvorov himself!

If Aliyev were the president of the United States, then his words would have "weight" ... And so, what is Azerbaijan against the background of the CSTO?) Sheer bragging!

Azerbaijan feels the support of Turkey, and so it hurts.

Azeris with the Turks will reach Moscow in a week.

Ilham Aliyev forgot that the armed forces of several states fought against Armenia: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan, mercenaries from Syria and other countries. Without such powerful support, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces would hardly dare to escalate, knowing its result. Ilham Aliyev also forgot, probably, that one call from Putin stopped this escalation, and if it was not just a call, but…. ... So, statements that the forces of the CSTO (this is primarily Russia) will not be able to stop a new war with Armenia, while inflicting tangible damage on Azerbaijan, to put it mildly, cause a smile, because in the light of the latest achievements of Russia in the development of military technologies, Azerbaijan can be thrown back decades. Does he need this? Live in peace and trade in oil, because you have nothing else.

I completely misled the coast ...

I can imagine the state of our armed forces, if Azerbaijan is already threatening us ...

Well, that's right, all that we have accumulated, unresolved problems, now we have to solve everything at once. And Ukraine and Karabakh and Kazakhstan now, and so on. They do not know how to work with their neighbors, nor can they defend their own red lines normally. Only express concerns. They reached out to the cat.