Azerbaijani President calls into question Russia's sovereignty over Crimea

Aliyev officially recognized Crimea as part of Ukraine.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stated that the Crimean peninsula attached to Russia is part of the territory of Ukraine. This indicates the beginning of a possible confrontation between Russia and Azerbaijan over the situation in Karabakh and Armenia. It is assumed that this is due to pressure from Turkey.

As part of the meeting between Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, the Azerbaijani leader stated that he fully supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine and does not believe that Crimea is a sovereign territory of Russia. The data on this subject was confirmed by the press service of the President of Ukraine.

“We have signed a joint declaration of the presidents of Ukraine and Azerbaijan. It consolidates the readiness to provide mutual support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our states within internationally recognized borders, joint counteraction to hybrid threats, the desire to ensure peace and stability in the Black Sea-Caspian region and beyond.”, - Volodymyr Zelenskyy said, voicing the results of the joint meeting of the leaders of the two countries.

It is noteworthy that just a few days ago, Ilham Aliyev openly threatened the CSTO, stating that the CSTO's interference in the affairs of Armenia and Azerbaijan could have serious consequences. This can lead to quite significant trouble for Baku.

Again suffered!

This is another Armenian lodge.

Aliyev You are playing with fire, believe me, but it is true.

And I wonder what the Azerbaijanis who feed in Russia will say to this. Maybe they will lower prices in their markets?

No one to call, no how ...

And when did Azerbaijan appear on the map of the USSR? And what was it called then? Who created it, can revoke the recognition?

Totally agree with you.

A very unpleasant type. He smiles in his face, and sticks a knife in his back.

Russia needs to raise the issue of belonging of Karabakh to Armenia, and not to Baku, what will he say?

Before Aliyev, the question of Azerbaijan's sovereignty and independence from Russia should be raised.

There is no doubt about you.

Long live independent Tatarstan, Bashkiria, Chechenistan, Ingushetia, Dagestan, Tuva and all peoples living under Russian occupation!

Could it be different?

And we ourselves are weak, to build the same Moscow ???. Hands do not grow from there.

Well, in general, it is not for Aliyev to decide the issues of the territories of Russia. Tell me who your friend is and I'll tell you who you are. Friendship with the funniest President Zelensky only reflects negatively on Aliyev's image. Continuation of KVN.

Vladimir, I completely agree. Aliyev is an enemy of Russia, and Azerbaijan should be treated accordingly. The great M.Magomae, the kingdom of heaven, did not live to see this Azerbaijani shame. This betrayal of Russia by Aliyev will come back to haunt him. Baku will be washed with blood, but Russia will not come to the rescue.

It is necessary to share this country with Iran.

No one is interested in this, except for Erdogan and Zelensky

Azeri have become impudent lately.

And why was Chechnya not allowed to independence?

And we had to help the Armenians! With what such a fright.

It is strange to hear this from Aliyev. He should be more concerned about Azerbaijan's dubious sovereignty over Azerbaijan.

He is in vain, of course. But you have to say something to please Erdogan).

I wonder if his opinion about Northern Cyprus is exactly the same?

The black rooster is also confused.

Moscow is Azerbaijan!!!

You have to answer for the "bazaar"! How will Aliyev be able to "respond"?))) Is he counting on the help of Erdogan and "Pan" Ze?)

Yes. this is the result of our policy - both yours and ours -..

Can repeat!

Who would doubt that. It is better for Aliyev to think about his territories than to say something about Crimea. If not for Putin, then Aliyev would have seen the territory of Karabakh as his own, which Pashinyan treacherously surrendered to them. For Putin, this will be a lesson.

The blind and the deaf-mute decided to defend together.

So what? Russia and Azerbaijan have the same declaration. Paper will take it all!

According to his opinion, Baku can again become a provincial city of Russia.

Aliyev is a supporter of a military solution to the Karabakh problem, he stated this during the last war. The military solution, no matter what it says about cultural autonomy, in reality implies the actual expulsion of Armenians from their original places of residence. Such an approach is contrary to contemporary international principles relating to human rights. Another point that characterizes the unfair nature of actions is the non-transparent and imperfect procedure for recognizing the independence of the new state of the Republic of Azerbaijan. During the recognition of its independence, Azerbaijan did not control the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, there were no its authorities there, and there were no representatives from Nagorno-Karabakh in the representative bodies. Moreover, Nagorno-Karabakh itself, simultaneously with Azerbaijan, declared its independence in accordance with the laws of the USSR, which allowed the autonomous territory to independently determine its legal status after the union republic left the USSR.

This is the result of Russia's toothless and vague policy. Turkey really helped and supported them without fear. Did we really help Armenia? Well, who will be chosen after? As allies choose those who can be useful to you.

And why not? If you look at the documents, then Russia is the only country that has a legally unreproachable paper to own not only the Nagorno-Karabakh part, but also the whole of Karabakh, which is much wider. This document is certified by the seal and signatures of two empires - Russia and Persia, where it is written that these lands are leased to the possession of the Russian Empire for "eternal times", So now Iran rightly notices - if you don't need it now, you can return us, and not leave the Turko-Tatars, because we did not agree.

And what is some kind of azeirabajan? Are we interested in his opinion?

And why is it ,, in doubt, put. The man very frankly declares that "this is Ukrainian land", as the Turks have repeatedly stated. So there is no need to be modest gentlemen. You just have to not stick your head in the sand, but clearly call a spade a spade and finally decide at this critical moment who is who for Russia.

I agree that this is Aliyev's reaction to how the West did not give a damn about all the proposals of Russia. And the rest you are wrong. The answer, and the hard one, is sure to follow.

So what? And the Russian Federation should question the ownership of the entire Karabakh by Azerbaijan! And not only...

Did anyone doubt Aliyev's position?

This is a reaction to how the West did not give a damn about all the proposals of Russia, which will simply have to wipe itself off, and to how the troops were withdrawn from Kazakhstan, trying not to prevent the republic from remaining under Turkey and the West. And also to how Russia reacts to violations of the peace in Karabakh, trying to stay on the sidelines. Aliyev openly became a vassal of Turkey.

This is not the CSTO for you.

He is not alone in his doubts.

Would this dog bark at us?

Have you seen the Aboriginal leader anywhere?