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Azerbaijani President threatened Russia and Armenia with open conflict

Aliyev threatened Russia and Armenia with an open conflict.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of Russia and Armenia to increase the presence of Russian troops near the borders of Azerbaijan and openly threatened Russia with breaking the current agreements on the admission of Russian peacekeepers to the regions of Nagorno-Karabakh. Moreover, judging by the data presented, Aliyev also threatens to break the trilateral agreement on a ceasefire and de-escalation in the region.

“The Azerbaijani side claims that the Trilateral Ceasefire Agreement in Nagorno-Karabakh is currently under threat due to the actions of Armenia and Russia. Despite existing optimistic messages, President Aliyev and other representatives of the Azerbaijani government remain constantly worried about threats to the precarious balance in the region, established by the Trilateral Agreement and subsequent peace initiatives. Baku's main fears included the introduction of Armenian troops into the Nagorno-Karabakh region through the Lachin Corridor and Russia's assistance in modernizing the Armenian army. The transfer of Armenian troops to the Karabakh region was viewed by the Azerbaijani government as a particularly serious threat, since it created many problems for Baku's security policy. Azerbaijan is also wary of Russia's participation in the military modernization of Armenia. “The Russian side declares that it is ready to modernize the Armed Forces of Armenia. But if we are talking about lasting peace, then it is so. Is it worth it? ", - reports the Soha edition, citing Aliyev's words.

It is known that the Russian military did indeed deploy a new military base in the Sinyuk region, which angered Baku and could lead to the emergence of Turkish and Azerbaijani military installations in the area of ​​the Armenian border.

Nevertheless, experts also draw attention to the fact that the delivery of Russian weapons to Armenia has not been officially confirmed - Russian military aircraft do make frequent flights from Syria and from Russian territory to Armenia, but the nature of the cargo transported remains unknown.

All Az, as well as Ar from the markets home. Russian troops home. And soon everything will be fine.

Go to Mongolia. They left their historical homeland without people. 800 years ago, all of Azerbaijan and half of Turkey belonged to the Persians

It's not for you to argue about what Russia should and what shouldn't! Know your place.

This is the second friend after Erdogan ... there is also a third who lives beyond the Amur River ...

Aliyev is right. Officially, this is the territory of Azerbaijan. I think Putin shouldn't stick too much in there. For the sake of Armenia, I do not want Russian soldiers to die.

When you write, at least delve into what you write. You will listen to all the lands of the former Soviet Union, this is Russia. And at the expense of the helicopter shot down by Azerbaijan, it was a setup from Russia. Firstly, they stopped the war and to send their troops into Azerbaijan. Russia has been to blame for all the problems of the Caucasus since tsarist times. And thanks to Russia, it is not a secret for anyone in the capture of Nagorno-Karabakh in the 90s.

Aliyev fell to his knees in front of Putin for the downed helicopter. What's new you will tell?

What other weight, what are you talking about ...

Don't pull religion. Azerbaijan is not our ally and comrade for a long time. Actually, like Armenia, but our base is in Armenia.

What does religion have to do with it? Here we are talking about relations between countries.

The dog barks, and the caravan goes ...

Russia from Armenia should not spoil relations with Azerbaijan, the Muslim world and Muslims living in Russia, whose weight is growing every year.

It seems to me that Azerbaijan is not much for everyone, just like the Turks, life is not taken into account, but I'm sorry for you peace and kindness to all

Lost boy? Russia is not Armenia, it will not speak for a long time. And the Azeri Turks will collapse ...

And where is the great diplomat Lavrov ... I think no one needs war ... neither Russia nor Azerbaijan ... if only Pashenyan ... rubs his hands.

And who sold modern weapons to Turkey

Oh, how scary.

"The land of Azerbaijan is the territory of Russia do not forget" Axaxaxaxaxax ....!

Azerbaijan with its 40 million population will be reunited.
One part was captured by the Russian empire and another part by Iran.

Turkey is not Georgia or Ukraine. It is a country with a modern army and its own military-industrial complex and, moreover, a NATO member. Russia has enough of its own problems, including social ones.

We got the calibers from the Caspian to Syria, but here it’s all ...

If you want, I will answer for the downed helicopter.

Aliyev Russia is not Armenia and you have to pray for Russia every day, you are only thanks to Russia, the ruler who imagines himself, it is not clear what. The land of Azerbaijan is the territory of Russia do not forget about it

Exactly now is not the year 1990. Therefore, Russia will not allow anyone to become impudent at its side. Instantly put in place, if necessary, and Turkey and, moreover, Azerbaijan. Both economic measures and military, if required. It will not be possible to repeat the genocide of 1915.

Dear, and when was Russia not a Vilik-power?

Both he and the pathetic Erdogan

The Azeris have completely lost their fear, or have believed in themselves ..

If you think that the Russian Federation will arm the Armenians and threaten Azerbaijan with war and economically, then you are deeply mistaken. Neither the President of Azerbaijan, nor the Azerbaijani people for a second doubt that, if necessary, the Turkish army is ready and will fight for the fraternal country and people. Read numerous interviews with the President and Minister of Defense of Turkey! Now is not 1990, and neither Azerbaijan, nor Turkey and nor Russia are the countries of the 90s! Wake up and do not dare to threaten the whole country and people. The times of great-power chauvinism from whom it did not come would remain in the 90s.

he thinks that the Turks will fight for him, it is unlikely. but Azerbaijan can get the full from Russia both militarily and economically.

If we talk about henchmen, then it is necessary to say everything as it really is. Namely, Pashinyan is not a protege of the people of Armenia, but a protege of the West!

Another slander. I = SYUNIK =, not = SINYUK = (= Sinyuk district. =)

This is a rather legal statement for internal use. Even a "hedgehog" it is clear that Azerbazhan would not have dared to this military conflict without the approval of Moscow. And not the intervention of the Russian Federation, Moscow's gait silence on the war with the CSTO member is a clear evidence of that. In Armenia, everything is absolutely (all big business, television networks, railways, etc.) belongs to Russian companies and holdings. And Pashinyan is a protege of the Armenian diaspora and the people, not a protege and uncontrolled from Moscow, this fact strongly disliked the Kremlin. As Y. Latynina said, "Putin decided to punish the Armenians by the Turks "

You think correctly, comrade!

Aliyev has nothing to fear from the Vedas as long as Putin is alive and there is no war, since the President of Russia signed the document.


If it goes to aggravation to send in 24 hours to the yuszerskaya diaspora from RUSSIA, they earn money there and not here. Yes, but as a warning to suspend transfers to Azeirbajan.

And why should Aliyev "worry" ?! He is just an executor of the will of the Ottomans.

Aliyev is so brave because Erdogan is behind him. Only there is still an economy that Azerbaijan is tied to Russia. Erdogan will not sell Azerbaijani tomatoes (as an option, carnations) for him at the Moscow bazaar. He would have to attach his own.

russia Armenmya friendship in all terms

They have not yet answered Russia for the death of the pilot and the downed helicopter!

I think Aliyev should not be alarmed, because Russia will not allow any advance of the Armenian troops to provoke a new military conflict. and the fact that Russia is strengthening the armament of Armenia is most likely provocative information, because until the prime minister is replaced in Armenia, there can be no talk of any strengthening, except that the fulfillment of previously concluded agreements