Iranian President to deliver emergency address to the nation

In the evening, the President of Iran will make an emergency address to the country.

After a series of attacks on the IRGC forces in Syria and Iraq, as well as against the backdrop of attacks on military facilities in Iran, it became known that Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi will issue an urgent statement to the country tonight. According to preliminary data, the appeal to fellow citizens may be connected precisely with attacks on Iranian facilities both on the territory of the Islamic Republic and on the territory of other countries.

So far, there are no official statements regarding what the President of Iran will address the nation, however, the appeal will be of an emergency nature, since this became known just a few hours before the official address.

The most likely version is that the Iranian president's appeal to the country was caused by the latest events taking place around Iran, since it was previously reported that, based on the results of an investigation into the recent attack on Iran, Tehran would be ready to take tough measures against the country or countries responsible for the attack. This does not rule out a new armed conflict in the Middle East.

A little earlier, Iran announced that Ukraine was involved in the attack on military facilities.


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