The President of Serbia announced his readiness to impose sanctions against Russia because of the NWO

The friendship between Russia and Serbia led to Belgrade's sanctions against Moscow.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia may be forced to impose sanctions against Russia due to the ongoing special military operation (SVO) in Ukraine. Vučić's unexpected statement could lead to the fact that Serbia, from the list of countries friendly to Russia, could end up on the list of unfriendly, and in the future, hostile.

According to the Serbian leader, Belgrade will at some point have to impose sanctions against Russia because of the NWO. At the same time, Alexander Vučić himself said that he did not want to spoil relations with Russia, but at the same time he considered Serbia a European country and therefore should adhere to the position of Europe, including for Serbia's entry into the EU.

Recently, the President of Serbia has made a lot of unfriendly statements towards Russia, stating, among other things, that he does not support the holding of the NWO in Ukraine, does not recognize the entry of new regions into Russia, and advocates the integrity of Ukraine. This position of Vucic also affects the political situation within the country, which in turn leads to a cooling of relations between Russia and Serbia.


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