Bomb car Turkey


Attempted to blow up Erdogan's presidential cortege with a powerful bomb

A terrorist attack was miraculously prevented against Erdogan.

A group of unknown persons tried to stage a terrorist attack against Turkish President Recep Erdogan a few hours ago. It is known that unidentified persons installed a powerful improvised explosive device on the bottom of a police car, which provided a cordon during the passage of the Turkish President's motorcade - it was planned to detonate the explosive device when the car with the Turkish leader approached.

It is known that the improvised explosive device was timely detected and neutralized. At the same time, judging by the size of the bomb, the latter had a high enough power to eliminate Erdogan.

It is noteworthy that the terrorist act against the Turkish leader was prepared against the backdrop of massive protests in the country due to the collapse of the Turkish Lira exchange rate, as previously reported by the news agency. Erdogan himself has not yet commented on the attack attempt, however, experts believe that not only Erdogan's opponents inside Turkey, but also foreign special services may be behind the terrorist act.

At the moment, experts are conducting an investigation in order to establish those involved in organizing the terrorist attack against Erdogan.

that's for sure that this is not how things are done.

The media in Turkey also know how to change their shoes. They just wrote that they wanted to detonate the bomb during the rally to stabilize, and now against Eric personally.

Is it not Erdogan on the "Bayraktar" TV-2? Turks claim that TV-2 is invulnerable

It looks like

I am very glad that the specialists have returned. Their opinion is very important as oxygen and as water.

They would also have written a Bomb and an arrow on the door with neon lights to the place where it was installed. All this is staging. The goal is simply to raise the rating of the Sultan.



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