The collapse of small-aircraft


The crash of An-2 in Romania killed one person

In Romania, a plane crashed An-2.

The plane crash that occurred in the south-east of the country led to the death of one member of the aircraft’s crew, while the details of the crash that have occurred are not officially announced to date.

The news agency learned that the light-engine aircraft An-2 belonged to a commercial company, while after the crash of the aircraft, the pilots were able to leave the cockpit independently, however, the 59-year-old crew member died before the doctors arrived from a heart attack. On the assurances of physicians, the second pilot at the moment nothing is threatened - he got rid of a number of injuries of medium severity and multiple bruises.

In connection with the crash, an investigation is being carried out, while investigators exclude the version of the pilot's error, noting that the technical failure of the engine was most likely the reason for the fall of the An-2.


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