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Legendary Russian military pilot died in the crash of the Be-200 in Turkey

The legendary Russian pilot died in the crash of a Be-200 plane in Turkey.

The day before, during the crash of the Be-200 amphibious aircraft in Turkey, it became known that the legendary Russian pilot Yevgeny Kuznetsov was also on board. Information on this matter was confirmed by the pilot's family.

Yevgeny Kuznetsov began serving in the Northern Fleet in 1992. Together with sixteen more pilots of the Saki Training Center, he was instructed to develop a school of carrier-based aviation. In addition, it was Kuznetsov who was considered the main one for testing the Be-200 amphibious aircraft, which crashed. This indicates the fact that there was a high-class pilot on board the plane during the crash and suggests that a technical problem on board the plane was the cause, although by the current hour the official version of the crash has not been announced.

It is known that at the time of the crash there were 200 people on board the Be-8: five Russian citizens and three Turkish citizens. No one managed to survive as a result of the plane crash.

It should be noted that Russia sent its Be-200 aircraft to Turkey to extinguish large-scale fires that engulfed this country about a month ago.

Since when have the word "Russian" been replaced by "Russian"? Here we are talking about a specific person.

Terrible. Death of people and technology. Either outrage when piloting or engine failure. In any case - HELPED. Help.

The legendary Russian pilot was killed in the crash of a Be-200 plane in Turkey. The phrase causes irritation. What, the rest survived?

The chronology is not fully understood, but in the article it is not at all
In fact, the plane got into the gorge - what he was doing there is not clear, trying to gain altitude, they dropped a load of water not on a fire, just on a forest - but they did not pull it out before they could ..... there were still no understandings how and why, it is a pity for people.

We extinguish the foreign dachas of the Foreign Ministry officials at a high price .. Blessed memory of the victims.

What a pity for the boys !!! Probably, they flew completely, without changing crews, it is also impossible !!! This is an extreme of pure water !!! I am over 70, and then to Moscow by car, only 22 hours half the way I can withstand, overnight in Shakhty.

We are losing highly qualified specialists, but for what, for whom ...

Helped ..........

Legendary in what, that he could not fly past the mountain? You need to prepare for each flight, shoulder straps and stars in aviation do not help. This is the reality of aviation.

Bright memory, they did a good deed and perished.

God himself is angry. for helping the enemy of the Russian world

Just on this day, a film was shown on the First Channel about Yevgeny Kuznetsov, Crimea, Saki, the Northern Fleet. Legendary person. Bright memory...



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