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On landing, the tire of the Transaero plane was torn

The passenger airliner of the company "Transaero”, When landing in Tel Aviv bus burst.

The accident took place today, however, according to the information available to, none of the 129 passengers and crew members on board were injured, but the aircraft itself received a number of damages. Among other things, air traffic controllers, who were directly observing the progress of the landing of the aircraft, noticed smoke coming out of the landing gear, as a result of which fire brigades were sent to the landing site, which cooled the landing gear (there was no fire itself - approx.ed.), And after the evacuation people, the plane was towed to the parking lot. Based on the official comments of the representatives of the air carrier "Transaero", it became known that the pneumatics of the chassis received significant damage, which is why passengers traveling in the direction of Tel Aviv - Moscow will be sent on another flight.

According to preliminary information, the incident with the Russian passenger airliner did not affect the work of the Israeli capital's airport, but, nevertheless, the reasons for what happened are unknown - according to some sources, the strong adhesion of the landing gear to the runway surface was the fault, which led to the tire rupture .