Domodedovo airport


When disembarking from an airplane, a passenger died in the capital's Domodedovo airport

In the capital's airport Domodedovo The passenger of the flight from Simferopol died.

78-year-old passenger of the flight Simferopol-Moscow, after the direct arrival of the airliner to the capital's Domodedovo airport, suddenly felt an attack of malaise, and despite the timely help of medical workers died of a heart attack.

The incident occurred during the landing of the aircraft, and, as suggested workers the capital's airport, a man's heart might stop because the drivers of change of pressure, in particular, while in the air heart will not feel any stress, however, the landing and subsequent landing from the board, changes in blood pressure could affect the health of the heart, which ultimately led to tragic consequences.

It is worthwhile to clarify that the management of the capital airport refuted the initially appeared information that the man died directly on the runway, without providing proper assistance.