The reinforcements that arrived at the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed by the Russian military in just 30 seconds

The Russian military managed to destroy the reinforcements that arrived at the Armed Forces of Ukraine in just 30 seconds.

Against the backdrop of attempts by the Ukrainian military to strengthen the grouping of their troops in one of the directions of the front, additional forces of the Ukrainian army numbering about 20 people were deployed to the already existing positions of the Ukrainian army on the territory of a small settlement. However, the reinforcements lasted only about 30 seconds from the moment they arrived at the stronghold of the Ukrainian army, after which it was destroyed by a precision-guided munition.

On video footage taken by the Ukrainian military, you can see how an army truck is approaching the stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ukrainian military is being unloaded from it. The latter occupy one of the abandoned residential buildings, however, in just a few seconds, a powerful blow is applied to it with adjustable ammunition, thereby eliminating the military personnel.

Experts call this case unique, since no faster liquidation of Ukrainian forces has been recorded to date. It is noteworthy that the blow was not delivered on the truck - the Russian military waited until the Ukrainian reinforcements occupied the stronghold. This does not exclude the possibility that, in reality, the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed is large, since other units of the Ukrainian army could be inside.


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